Hey guys, yes another one of these, don't I love this!

  • ahem*

Anyways I am here to ask about what we should do with Initiation as it's a really important part to talk about and all in storylines and history but some Initiations don't have all the parts etc etc so what do we want to do bout this?

We need everyone to have the same Initiation test, it wouldn't be fair other wise, maybe with little changes but we keep the canon stuff if it is avaiable. 

The question I am asking is do we recreate the Initiation Test to suit our needs or do we skip the Initiation Test cause most of the factions don't have all the details. Now Dauntless is a expection to this since we know all about the Initiation Test.

Please comment on what you think we should have in the Initiation Tests for Amity, Erudite, Candor and Abgetation, fanon ones are fine since the author will decide on the test but these are canon so I feel like we should come up with them as a wikia!

Please reply soon, happy editing 

Pichu Poked Ya! ^-^/ 15:28, April 14, 2016 (UTC)

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