I have been having porblmes the now in school for more detail read this, which was off my update on the adoption thingy I am trying to do:

UPDATE: I can not be active anymore of a while, maybe even months, why? I have a bullying problem at school as I am 15 and go to high school, recently they have found out my online persona, me, redheadedpichu, but after finding out this they are deleting as much as they can of what I own, they have tried to do some stuff to Lucy Tai Lute on the divergent fanon wiki and I have tried to get rid of SOME of the damage but I have no idea what to do, I can not stop them, they will come back and the school I go to has told me I can not do anything either. I am sorry if this causes any problems but I would like you to know that I am still wanted to adopt the wiki, but we just have some problems that block the way a little, but if I am a admin I guess I can block my stuff for no one else using it. Sorry again for being unactive, I will place a blog on divergent wiki and other wiki I am active on, thanks!

I hope whoever cares will understand and that I can fix this problem soon...

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