This is my first fanfic.


This fanfic is about Caroline Swift and Jacob Sully and their Dauntless initiation. All seems to be well, until the Dauntless are getting killed one by one, mysteriously. Just then, Caroline goes missing.


"So you're telling me that members of the Dauntless are just mysteriously dying?!" yelled a Pristine leader. "Yep, it seems like it. They've been dying for about four months," said a Dauntless leader. For months, something or someone has been killing Dauntless people. But that's not all. Every time a Dauntless is dead, they go missing for 2 days, then they get left on the same spot they went missing. Even the best guards and assassins go missing.

"So I guess we'll have to investigate this. 'Till then, close off the Dauntless faction from the rest of the city," said the Dauntless leader. "Well, not quite," replied the Pristine leader. Suddenly, the Pristine leader got a baseball bat and smacked the Dauntless leader. He fell, unconscious. "Well, I guess I'm the someone that's killing all those Dauntless people." With that, the Pristine leader dragged the body out of the meeting room.

Chapter 1, CarolineEdit

This is it. The day I have been waiting for my entire life. It's time for the Choosing ceremony. I have always known what faction I wanted to be: Dauntless. I like the idea of how Dauntless are fearless and are willing to protect others. Sure, Amity is cool, but let's face it, you don't really see action, unless you call boring speeches of how war is bad.

"Hey Caroline, you ready or not?" asked Jacob. Jacob Sully was this boy who was my best friend since kindergarten.