Lotus circle

Pristine Faction Symbol



The Pristine was formed because they believed that evil were the downfall of society. The Pristine believed that purity can only come when you do believe that you will be able to fight the wrongdoers of the world and to be everything. Pristine faction was founded in Los Angeles, where factions are more independent than factions in Chicago. But now the faction is almost everywhere.



The Pristine believed that being pure of evil is the most important thing. They do this by being brave, being honest, being selfless, being peaceful, and being smart. The Pristine emphasized to protect society. This is why the Pristine are leaders and defenders. This faction will do what is necessary to save, to defend, and to lead.


The Pristine has no allies, and yet they have no enemies. Being pure also means that you cannot not have allies nor can you have enemies. Rivalry is also considered evil. To be a Pristine, you have to be born a Pristine. You cannot choose Pristine.

Faction ManifestoEdit

"One cannot be free of all evil, but one can try. One cannot be perfect, but one can try. One cannot be free of enemies, but one can try. One cannot be selfless or brave, but one can try. The one thing we cannot try is to try them all. This is why we must be pristine, so we can try.

We believe that evil and injustice are different. So different that we must fight one or the other.

We can try to fight evil, but we cannot fight them all.

We can try to find peace, but we cannot find total peace.

We can try to be honest, but we cannot be totally honest.

We can try to be brave, but we cannot be fearless.

We can try to be intelligent, but we cannot be all-knowing.

We can try, but we cannot try them all."

Pristine InitiationEdit

Pristine initiation is quite easy. One can try to be honest, selfless, smart, brave, or peaceful. But trying all is impossible. After initiation, one could be a scientist, assassin, guard, sentry, mercenary, biologist, trainer, farmer or a leader. Ranking matters, so the best initiate could be a leader and the worst could be a guard, sentry, or a farmer. But you can never be factionless. It is against Pristine rules.


  1. Bacon and eggs seem to be the typical Pristine breakfast
  2. Black and white is the faction's colors
  3. The Pristine has two faction symbols, a lotus with a detailed circle, or a dove in a circle