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Moka Hippon

'They left me! They left me! WHY OH WHY DID THEY LEAVE ME!' - Moka beating herself up.

Moka Hippon is a Amity child who suicide after all her friends joined other factions. She tried to handle the fact but blamed herself all the time. She loves to help people until her friends left, her personality completely turning around. Her friends still think she is alive. Moka lives in the Chicago distribution. 


Moka full

Moka (Full appearance)

Moka has pink eyes and pink hair that goes to a darker pink as it goes down to her shoulders. Her hair is choppy and she has a large fringe which she pins back with a white clip. She wears a red maid dress with a white apron and chest. She has white gloves on while working and a white collar as well as white tails from her bow tie that pins up her apron. She has a blue garnet on her dress which was given to her from her father before he died. She has added a red and yellow bow to make it look more part of the dress. Moka is quite pale and has lots of freckles making her look a lot younger than she really is. Moka is also usually seen with a hoe since she works in the gardens to keep her mind off things that are bothering her. She wears knee-high, lace-up, brown boots.

Personality and Traits

Moka in a mood

Moka's 'rage'

Moka had a happy attitude to most things mainly because she enjoyed working with her friends. She use to never be seen upset but was seen angry at small things but that soon cleared up much like a thunder storm. Moka also use to love being around people but after her friends left her she didn't feel much emotion. People said she became a robot but inside Moka was shutting down as loneliness and depression took over. She spent most of her days next to a river crying and asking the stars why she was left alone. The river is where she suicided and she was found with the blue garnet in the riverbed. Her plan was to let is flow away till someone else found it and hopefully have a better life than she did. Yui ended up finding it near the Erudite river.


  • Moka Hippon is based off of Lisbeth from Sword Art Online