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Jack Nōtarin
'Everyday I think, did I make the right choice? Does she understand why I did this to her? I only choose Dauntless because I had the feeling that something big is going to happen and I want to be able to protect them... I can't let them die.' - Jack's reasoning as he tells himself that joining Dauntless was a good idea.

Jack Nōtarin is a Dauntless member who is aged 19. He was born in Amity but transferred to Dauntless. He only wishes the best for his friends and always worries about them.


Jack Full

Jack (Full appearance)

Jack (apon joining Dauntless) is seen with full black and grey clothing. He wears black boots, black baggy trousers, a plain black top, a black jacket and a black tail which he holds all his equipment in. He has black hair that is also in a mess and black eyes and elf-looking ears. He is tanned due to his days working on the farms in Amity. He wears black gloves when he is shooting or in training. He has grey trimming though-out all of his clothes. His boots are steel-capped.


  • Jack Nōtarin is based off of Kirito from Sword Art Online