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"This will make you a cat, kind of... Nyan!"
— Yui trying to explain

Cat Potion
Cat Potion

To make people have cat-like features






Yui Sakai

Cat Potion is a serum/Potion created by Yui Sakai is turns you into a cat in the sense you will meow, hiss and scratch at times when stressed or upset or really happy and will give you properties like cat-like ears and tail. You can't buy it as Yui is the only one who can create it. Yui is happy to give the potion to people but they must ask her first, stealing will result in a very angry kitty.

People Who Have Use This

To use this please message me so I know and will add you to the list, please don't add yourself~

Side Effects

Some side effects may include;


"Oh... erm... well then" (Subject B, Failed)

  • Swelling - Reason 1 for don't consume
  • Rash - Reason 2 for don't consume
  • Burn - Reason 3 for don't consume
  • Pain - Reason 4 for don't consume
  • And saying Nya or Nyan at random times - Nyan
  • RARE: Might turn into a real cat...


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