Amin Siddiqui
امین صدیقی‎
Agha Ali
Biographical Information
Also known as Faheem Khan Aqil
Justice Siddiqui
Status Alive
Age 25
Relatives Rizwan Khan Aqil (father)
Sanober Khan Aqil (mother)
Mehreen Khan Aqil (sister) ✝
Javaid Khan Aqil (brother)
Physical Information
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Height 5'10" (1.8 m)[1]
Faction born in Erudite
Faction chosen Candor
Allies Jack Kang
Enemies Dauntless, his parents
Portrayed by Agha Ali

Amin Siddiqui (Urdu: امین صدیقی‎) is an Erudite-born Candor justice, linguist, scholar, and historian. Born into a Erudite family of scientific researchers who tried to destroy their family's past and cultural traditions, Amin developed an early interest in the societies of the old world before the War. At a mere 25 years old, he currently serves as the youngest judge in Candor history and a direct affiliate of Jack Kang.

He is portrayed by Pakistani actor Agha Ali.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Amin was born under the name Faheem Khan Aqil (Urdu: فہیم خان عاقل) to parents Rizwan and Sanober. His family, of Sindhi Pakistani and former Muslim ancestry, can trace their heritage back to the city of Karachi. He was the second-born of the couple's three children after elder brother Javaid and before a younger sister, Mehreen. Rizwan was a molecular biologist while Sanober was a sociologist and psychologist.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Faheem (فهم) means "intelligent, scholar" or "to understand, to learn, to observe" in Arabic[2][3], while the family name Aqil (عاقل) means "intelligent, wise, prudent"[4][5].
    • Though his family did not deliberately choose Faheem due to its meaning, both his name and surname serve as indirect references to Amin's birth faction of Erudite.
  • In contrast, Amin (أمين) means "truthful, trustworthy, honest"[6][7] and Siddiqui (صدیقی‎) means "friend" or "truthful"[8][9].
  • He harbors a secret vendetta against the Dauntless, as he lost his younger sister, Mehreen, when she slipped and fell to her death during the first train ride back to Dauntless headquarters (she was a transfer).

References Edit

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