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Ame Tai Lute

'You lost your friends because of me. I shouldn't be the one you trust!' - Ame fighting with Yui
Ame Tai Lute is a Erudite-born 19 year old who is the lover of Yui Sakai. He blames himself for Yui's lack of friends and the pain he gives to anyone. He use to travel to the Amity Compound to help his father when giving Amity some Erudite teleology and one day met Yui. From that day on he visited the compound just to see her and soon agreed to stay in Erudite together.


Ame has blonde hair that is quite long for a male and due to this is sometimes mistaken as a girl as Yui first did when meeting him the first time. Ame wears a blue suit with a green tie and a white shirt- sometimes a light blue shirt. He has green eyes and pale skin. Ame always seems to have a flick in his hair what won't go away. Ame is usually found with headphones since he enjoys studying while listening to music. He wears blue shoes and white socks.

Ame has also been seen sneaking into candor in candor uniform much like his sister's due to the fact he ignores the 'faction before blood' rule all factions seem to hold.


  • Ame Tai Lute is based off of Rinto Kagamine from Vocaloid